We specialize in three core disciplines:


We apply our core disciplines to assisting our clients and their stakeholders in the following:


  • Corporate employers to position their brand as an Employer-of-Choice to the labour market in SA, as well as integrating their online and offline marketing activities to support their brand in this aim
  • Thought leader suppliers and NPOs in their B2B business development directed at corporate decision-makers, particularly those engaged in the human capital supply-chain
  • Developing brand and marketing strategy, as well as market analysis, for corporates and B2B suppliers as well as NPOs and industry (and public) bodies. We have a special expertise in high-value B2B business development and for human capital solutions, at an organisational or industry level

In the human capital space, we have a particular passion and focus on talent: talent acquisition, talent development, and talent management. We are doing a lot of work developing organisational and industry-level career pathing maps and content, which can be used for staff and candidate marketing as well as forming part of an organisation’s talent management and attraction strategy.

In addition to this, we have extensive experience in the B2B and labour market space, as well as having worked on several Sector Skills Projects with Industry SPVs, assisting in the development of their strategy and planning.

We assist B2B providers to position their brand and organisation in the marketplace as recognized thought-leaders who are the leading experts in their space, in order to raise awareness of their brand and services in a way that is both credible and engaging to their target audience/customer. The intended outcomes of all this for our B2B clients is that it contributes directly to increased stakeholder-engagement, market-share and revenue. However, we believe that in B2B business development, the quality of what you get out is predicated on the quality of what you put in upfront and take to market.

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