Blueprint 3.1 has been working with top corporate brands in the South African (SA) for the last 4 years, in both the supply and demand sides of industry. We help them with positioning their brand, services, and careers to their target audience including by use of integrated multimedia marketing activities, in digital and traditional media. We find elegant solutions for their branding and marketing, while providing lean production costs with maximum end-user impact.

Employer Talent Attraction Strategy: We help employers-of-choice position their brand to the local labour market for increased awareness of their career opportunities and increasing candidate applications. We do this by providing high-quality multimedia content at lean production costs, while ensuring that this engagingly sticky content finds it way across the right social media platforms to the right labour market ‘eyeballs’ for the benefit of the employer’s digital footprint and presence.

B2B Thought Leader Business Development & Marketing: We help high-value thought leader B2B suppliers, especially in the human capital supply-chain, position their brand and services in the market in a credible way that cuts through all their marketplace’s ‘white-noise’ and ensures your targeted clients become aware of you and are open to engaging with you. We do this by helping B2B providers integrate their business development and sales strategy with their online and offline marketing strategy, including by providing them with engaging multimedia content (at lean production costs), PR and high-value industry thought leader events.

As the great Jay-z once said: What more can I say? Well, quite a bit actually, including about what we specialize in and how we go about doing it. For all this and more about Blueprint 3.1 check out the rest of our website: ‘Who We Are’, ‘What We Do’ and our ‘Portfolio’ pages.

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